Nail salon San Diego - Nail salon 92127 - Nail 200 + and Spa

Nail Care


New set overlay$26.00
Regular new set with tips$28.00
Fill and cut down $21.00

(with gel $5 extra)

White tip new set$30.00
White tip fill & cut down$22.00
Pink & white powder new set $37.00

(with gel $5 extra)

Pink & white fill & cut down $30.00

(with gel $5 extra)

Glitter new set with tips$41.00
Glitter fill & cut down$35.00


Gel new set overlay$33.00
Gel with tips$36.00
Gel fill$28.00

Silk & Fiber

Full set overlay$32.00
Full set with tips$35.00

(All services include polish)

Additional Services

Acrylic color change$10.00
Acrylic color change (french)$12.00
Regular color change-hands$7.00
Regular color change-feet$8.00
French color change-hands$9.00
French color change-feet$10.00
French color(with manicure or pedicure)$5.00
Nail design (each)$3.00+
Regular nail repair(each)$4.00+
Silk wrap nail repair(each)$5.00
Take off$10.00
Take off (with new set)$5.00